Sick of turkey

It happens every year after Thanksgiving and the Christmas parties for the Fish Springs Fire Department and Nevada Wandering Wheels - I'm sick of turkey.

I get over it by making turkey enchiladas. Shred up turkey, mix with an onion diced fine, a 29-ounce can of green chili enchilada sauce, two cans of cream of mushroom soup, and lots of cheese. Roll the mixture up in small flour tortillas. Spoon sauce on top with more cheese and bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with refried beans and a green salad. OK, I'm off to the kitchen. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and Happy New Year!

Fish Springs to Fallon

Longtime Fish Springs residents Ray and Bonnie Jones were here for the holidays. We were sad to hear their 1,000 pound pet pig passed away recently. She lived with them on their 35-acre farm in Fallon. They adopted it to keep it from going to the slaughterhouse. I saw pictures of their pig when she was a baby. Bonnie trained her to give kisses. I guess you have to learn to love a pig.

Broken water pipe

They didn't break a month ago when it was minus 16 one morning but I ran out to do some last-minute Christmas shopping only to return home (in the dark, of course) to find a pipe on the back of our house spraying water. Judging by the amount of flooding on the grass I can only guess that it ran for many hours while I was gone. Lesson learned; drain the sprinkler valves before Thanksgiving from now on.

Now I have another project to to work on when it warms up.

Class pets

Did you ever take home a school class pet during the holidays? When I was little, I brought home a crow. It died over the weekend and I was devastated.

My son Taylor brought home a large white rat, it had babies the second day it was at our house. We didn't know she was pregnant.

This holiday our daughter Jenee brought home Mocha Cola, a long-haired guinea pig. She has been so much fun and talks to us all the time. If it wasn't for all the litter changing, I'd think of getting a guinea pig for our house.

Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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