The R-C Morning Report

The R-C offices will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving and will close at 3 p.m. on Friday, just so you're all aware. I have no plans to post a morning report tomorrow either, but if something crazy happens during the day, I'll make sure it gets online for you.

I think you'll see somewhat similar work schedules around town for the most part. Douglas High has a minimum day today and will be out Thursday and Friday.

Once again, the Tiger basketball team has its season opener against Hug Saturday night at the Reno Events Center just prior to the Reno Bighorns NBA D-League franchise debut. If you're in town, it might be a nice double-feature for you.

This is supposed to be the day we see those showers, although I'm looking outside right now and I'm not seeing anything (that just be because it is 6 a.m. and still pitch black ...).

This is the day a lot of people take to the roads to get wherever they are going for the weekend (seems I know and inordinate amount of people headed up to Oregon), so be careful out there, especially if the conditions get slick.

For those that have people coming here and you're worried about getting bored, take them all bowling (that was an old Crandall family tradition - we even had a pin trophy decorated with turkey feathers) or watch the Trains, Plains and Automobiles marathon (I know there has to be one on somewhere),

Anway, I think that is it for now. Take care and have a good thanksgiving.


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