R-C Sports Notebook: A lot lighter this week

Due to my filling in for R-C news editor Kurt Hildebrand while he is on vacation, I didn't have much time to write for the column this week. That, coupled with the obvious lack of sports between seasons, gives me little to say this week.

I'll be back next week with the regular column, but in the meantime, here is some of the other stuff:

- There was a unique officiating tandem at the Pau-Wa-Lu vs. Carson Valley boys' basketball games last week. Douglas baseball coach John Glover and former Carson baseball coach Steve Cook were calling the game.

- Has anyone ever seen the Reno Bighorns' logo and the Colorado State University logo in the same room at the same time?

The top athletes, regardless of sport, at Douglas High determined by production during competition, overall value to their team, ability to perform with consistency in routine situations, performance compared to others at the same position throughout the state/region, ability to come up big in clutch situations, versatility, attitude, sportsmanship, overall athletic ability, heart, potential at the next level, and a host of other intangibles (emotional leadership, role-playing value, work ethic, etc.) This is all, of course, just my opinion.

Fall Sports Final

1. Bethany Wurster, golf

2. Amelia Ritger, tennis

3. Ally Freitas, soccer

4. Megan Mitchell, volleyball

5. Tanner Thomas, football

6. Tim Rudnick, football

7. Tia Lyons, soccer

8. Taylor Biaggi, cross country

9. Taryn Williams, volleyball

10. Ross Gardner, soccer

If there were more spots on the list: Alex Laing, soccer; Jourdan Burke, volleyball; Katie Dry, girls' soccer; Johnny Pollack, football; Jessica Waggoner, volleyball; James TenBroeck, tennis; Parker Robertson, football; Brian Randall, soccer; Mysta Townsell, volleyball; Mackenzie Cauley, soccer.

Winter Sports Preseason

1. Jessica Waggoner, basketball

2. James McLaughlin, basketball

3. Hillary Sapp, skiing

4. Crystal Rutledge, skiing

5. Nico Barker, wrestling

6. CJ Marcotte, basketball

7. Parker Robertson, basketball

8. Dillon Spates, wrestling

9. Dany Heidt, basketball

10. Tim Rudnick, basketball

If there were more names on the list: Wes Peterson, wrestling; Taryn Williams, basketball; Timmy Souza, wrestling; Ally Freitas, basketball

2008-09 School Year

1. Jessica Waggoner, volleyball/basketball

2. Tim Rudnick, football/basketball

3. Nico Barker, football/wrestling

4. Taryn Williams, volleyball/basketball

5. Parker Robertson, football/basketball

6. Dany Heidt, soccer/basketball

7. James McLaughlin, football/basketball

8. Luis Pina-Duarte, football/basketball

9. Ally Freitas, soccer/basketball

10. Niki Hamzik, tennis/basketball

- Should I really be bothered that Grover can do more chin-ups than I can? No? What about if today's episode is sponsored by the number two?

I'm still not doing any worse with the proximity strategy than I was when I was giving this an honest go. We'll stick with it until it completely blows up in my face.

You can still sign up for the weekly contest at www.recordcourier.profootball.upickem.net.

Here are my picks for the week:

Lions over Titans (OK, this is the week this strategy blows up on me)

Seahawks over Cowboys (Serious, I this could be a perfect failure)

Cardinals over Steelers

Colts over Browns

Packers over Panthers

Rams over Dolphins

Saints over Buccaneers

Giants over Redskins

49ers over Bills

Bengals over Ravens

Chargers over Falcons

Steelers over Patriots

Raiders over Chiefs

Broncos over Jets

Texans over Jaguars

Tiebreaker: Bears 21, Vikings 14

Season record: 86-90. Record last week: 7-9. Season survivor: Out.

- If you play the audio of any scene with the black smoke monster backwards you'll hear Winnie the Pooh singing "I'm just a Little Black Rain Cloud."

Irrational Fear: Any of the weird claymation Christmas movie characters " you know, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, the California Rasins ...

Guilty Pleasure: Sunny 106.9, Reno's Original 24-hour Christmas Music Station


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