The R-C Morning Report

Tonight really is the Indian Hills General Improvement District meeting, where their expected to confirm the contract of a new manager and find out if Fernley resident Jim Taylor wants the job. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the district offices at James Lee Park.

We'll be following up on Tuesday afternoon's traffic accident on Highway 395 across from the Topaz Lodge. It sounded like at least one person was injured in the wreck that involved a pickup. It's the second accident in a row to occur in the minutes leading up to 4 p.m. I don't know what that means.

I almost witnessed a traffic accident at lunchtime on Tuesday. I was behind a truck turning left onto Highway 395 from Waterloo Lane. When the turn signal came on the truck pulled across the highway clearly trying to get into the slow lane, something a van making a right also tried to do. The truck driver's reaction time was good and he managed to pull back over into the fast lane before hitting the van, though he set the yellow pylons waggling in the center as he fishtailed onto the cement median. He then pulled out in front of the van and made an angry right turn onto a side street after accelerating past the van. I get the feeling this is how it's going to be this holiday season. Some folks are going to me more distracted and others more easily frustrated. Surviving the next six weeks is going to take being a little more alert and a little more forgiving. Just a thought.

Today will be the last of the warm sunny days for a little bit. A front is moving in that will bring cooler temperatures, but no moisture, on Thursday. It's going to be windy that day with gusts of up to 30 mph. Highs will drop 10 degrees into the 50s.


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