18 apply for Minden board vacancies

Eighteen Minden residents " including a former Douglas County commissioner and the wife of an outgoing board member " have applied for two vacancies on the Minden Town Board.

The vacancies were created when Secretary of State Ross Miller ruled that long-time board members Bruce Jacobsen and chairman Ray Wilson were ineligible to seek re-election because of term limits.

Miller's decision came too late for the November ballot, so the selection of the new members is up to commissioners with a recommendation from Minden Town Board.

Wilson said Wednesday he was thrilled the appointment generated so much interest in the $500-a-month job.

In contrast, no one applied for a vacancy on the Genoa Town Board.

"I am just so happy that so many people in the town want to take an interest," Wilson said. "The real qualification for being on the board is a love for the town."

Wilson, Jacobsen, Ross Chichester, Bob Hadfield and Dave Sheets have served together since 1986 making it the longest-running elected board in Nevada.

Chichester, Hadfield and Sheets are to be replaced in two years.

"The number of applicants is really a tribute to the board and how they've run the town," Wilson said. "We put the town first. There is very little " if any " personal agendas for the board other than what's best for Minden," Wilson said.

The new town board members are to be appointed Dec. 4 by Douglas County commissioners and take their seats at the Jan. 7 Minden meeting.

Applicants include former Douglas County Commissioner Don Miner, a Minden resident since 2006, and Debbie Jacobsen, wife of Bruce Jacobsen.

In addition to Debbie Jacobsen, six women have applied for the job.

Applicants are:

- Matthew Bernard, director of surveying for R.O. Anderson Engineering and a lifetime Minden resident;

- Donald E. Corwin, retired project manager and Minden resident since 1993;

- Inge Costa, office manager/bookkeeper and Minden resident since 1998;

- John Cressaty, computer consultant, Realtor and former Gardnerville Town Board member, Minden resident since 1989;

- Beverly Giannopolous, active living assistant at Merrill Gardens and 20-year Minden resident;

- Steven Huntsinger, licensed contractor, owner of PacWest of Minden and 16-year resident;

- Debbie Jacobsen, office manager, 27-year Minden resident;

- Debra Lang, Carson Valley Inn director of hotel operations, Minden resident since 1993;

- Jeffrey Ara Lucinian, owner of Sierra Steam Carpet Care, Minden resident for five years;

- Don Miner, doctor of chiropractic, former Douglas County commissioner and resident since 2006;

- Robert Nunes, office manager of Maxim Construction in Carson City, former Douglas County director of community development and public works, 15-year Minden resident;

- Robert Pohlman, plant field engineer, 14-year resident;

- William Souligny, retired state employee, Minden resident since 1968;

- Roxanne Stangle, Minden business owner, 30-year Minden resident;

- John Stephans, retired GE Bently cost accounting manager, 24-year Minden resident;

- Lee Gloria Stevenson, retired office manager, administrative assistant, 10-year Minden resident;

- Suzanne J. Stockdale, Minden business owner, 24-year resident;

- Steven Thaler, China Spring Youth Camp director, 15-year resident.


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