Letters to the Editor Oct. 19


In response to an article published in the Nov. 9 edition of The Record-Courier, I would like to clarify The Nature Conservancy's position regarding the Park Cattle Co.'s proposed master plan amendment recently reviewed by the Douglas County commission. The Nature Conservancy did not endorse the proposal, as was reported, nor did we oppose it. 

The Nature Conservancy is guided by our mission to protect the biodiversity of life in Nevada and around the world. With that focus, the conservancy recognizes the benefits of one element of Park Cattle's proposal, specifically the proposed permanent protection of 2,400 acres along a major stretch of the Carson River. 

The Nature Conservancy believes that the protection of those lands would offer benefits to the community and to the wildlife that depend upon it. 

Our engagement in this matter was based on the scientific importance of the diverse wildlife supported by the Carson River, including over 200 species of birds, but also on our recognition that the Carson River is one of this community's most precious natural resources.  In addition, these lands are critical for the storage of flood waters, as evidenced by the fact that they were submerged during the 1997 flood.  The conservancy's acknowledgment of the benefits of protecting this important stretch of the Carson River should not be interpreted as support or endorsement of the proposed master plan amendment as a whole. 

Our motivation in this case is the same motivation that has driven all of our work in the watershed " protecting the Carson River and its floodplain. In moving forward, it is crucial that our community works together to find a way to permanently protect the river corridor, including the portion owned by Park Cattle Co., which remains vulnerable to subdivision and fragmentation. The Nature Conservancy is committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the vital lands and waters of the Carson River are preserved in perpetuity.

Duane Petite

Carson River Project Director

The Nature Conservancy



I would once again like to offer my humble appreciation to all of you who supported me in the recent general election. The sheer number of voters who considered me fit for District 1 Commissioner is intimidating in itself, and I'll do my utmost not to disappoint you. It is strange how the landscape has changed since the beginning of this campaign back in May.

Who could have imagined that, rather than a mere downturn, the bottom would fall completely out, rendering essentially moot all of the previous campaign issues except the budget? As I sit here contemplating the mess I seem to have gotten myself into, I find it very disheartening to hear noise about "survival" from the Legislature.

So, tomorrow when you walk out into the recession raging around us, console yourself with this thought: it could be worse " you could have gone and gotten yourself elected to the county commission. My thanks again, bless you all, and good luck.

Greg Lynn

Commissioner-elect, District 1



I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and supported me in the race for county commissioner. It was such an honor to participate in our democratic process.

More than anything, I enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know them. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful county. Thank you again for making my campaign fun and enjoyable.

Anje de Knijf



As the fire chief of the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our district's residents who supported our fuels reduction ballot question on Nov. 4. I know that in this time of economic uncertainty, imposing an additional tax on oneself is not an easy choice to make. We are truly grateful for the trust that you have placed in the fire district's plan for fuels reduction and wildfire prevention. This important funding will allow us to use a combination of your tax dollars along with state and federal grant funds to work in and around your neighborhoods to protect lives, property, and livelihood from catastrophic wildland fire. This is our chance to answer your call; our moment, our time to perform proactively and protect your community.

For those Tahoe Township members whose support we have yet to earn, we may not have won your vote, but we hear your concerns. We are committed to utilize your tax dollars wisely. We, now more than ever, need your support. Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District remains your fire department.

I would also like to especially thank a group of dedicated residents, the Committee For A Fire Safe Community, for their hard work and dedication in educating the voters about the ballot question and the need for local funding of wildfire prevention. This committed group, led by Steve Teshara and Ann Grant, provided the community with information about the ballot question. Their grassroots effort and willingness to take the time to reach out to their neighbors are credited for this successful campaign.

Again, I thank you and we invite you to watch for exciting, important changes in our surrounding forest areas.

Fire Chief Guy LeFever

Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District


Thankfully, the mostly irritating political fiasco is now over, at least for about another year or so when the mid-term games begin.

In the just ended seemingly endless contest, one can properly observe that the Republicans deserved to lose. But in contrast, the sweet-talker did not deserve to win, at least if his history of unimpressive political and troublesome associations mean anything.

But all of that aside, let us hope that the Republicans do not spring a Harry Reid-type obstructionist and mud slinger in opposition to the new president. At least give him the chance that George W. Bush was never given by the Reids and Pelosis, along with their echo chamber, the national media.

About our current president, he presumed that Washington Democrats were similar to Texas Democrats, but he had never met Harry Reid.

And by the way, George Bush did win Florida as the hostile media finally concluded following hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in recounts, so get on with it.

Vernon Latshaw



I've listened to all of the arguments supporting abortion, arguments as to whether the unborn are really persons or are capable of life, the woman's right to choose, the inconveniences of raising an unwanted child, and on, and on, and on. So, let's get personal with all of this and pin the tail on the donkey.

What if your mother had aborted you? Now, tell me that abortion is not killing.

Now, tell me about a woman's right to choose. Now, tell me that taking your life would have been just fine.

And, as for people of faith wrestling with this issue, tell me that if your mother had aborted you, she would not have murdered you, she would simply have eliminated an unborn and unwanted fetus " a thing.

Life begins at conception. Maybe not independently sustainable life, but life does begin.

Yet, we have the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, recently claiming that the Catholic church has not been specific on the point at which life begins, therefore she supports abortion.

I don't know where Nancy Pelosi got her education, but she is wrong.

I'm not Catholic, but I attended Catholic schools from seventh grade on, receiving an excellent education that has served me well through college and throughout my life.

I also took the required religion classes and will tell you in the 1950s the Brothers of Holy Cross (our teachers) taught that life begins at conception.

Thus, abortion is a sin because it is the taking of a life!

So, I will ask again, regardless of your faith or if you have a specific faith, what if your mother had aborted you?

I'm proud to be a Christian.

Dick Powers



We at Pinenut Christian School thank all veterans for serving our country. We appreciate the job you do to protect our freedom.

We pray for protection for our service men and women that are presently fighting in other countries.

God be with you all.

Sheila Waller

for kindergarten through fifth-grade

students from Pinenut Christian School



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