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I've picked up highway trash for 30 years or more. Finally, I see people realize the pollution and trash problems and are stepping up to get the word out and for each of us to do our part to save our planet for future generations.

Last Thursday, I cleaned one and a half miles on one side of the highway at mile marker six of Highway 395 South. I had eight full large orange trash bags, four hub caps, one 18-wheeler tire and rim, five steel fence posts, lots of construction stuff from past paving of the highway and on and on. All this in five hours and I had cleaned this same area four years ago. That's just an idea of the highway trash problem.

A couple weeks ago, a lady from Topaz, Calif., who drives on Highway 395 every day to and from work, was saying someone is throwing large beer bottles out and they are piling up along the highway. She is correct. I've seen this major increase in the past year. I hope someone sees the bottle flying out his or her window and gets a license number and description. Please call Department of Transportation Customer Service, Ed Wilson at (775) 888-7711 in Carson City, myself or Nevada Highway Patrol and there is a fine for littering.

I had an officer go to a residence in TRE lately. A bag of trash scattered on the highway, I got a name and followed up. I gave the person the option of cleaning it up by 9 a.m. the next day or I'd file a report. Oh yes, his neighbor took his trash for him the day before and it must have blown out! Yes, I'm sure we'd all like our neighbor to take our trash for us.

When glass is broken on the side of the highways and elsewhere, animals get cut, it's not good. The cattle drive comes down Highway 395 from Spring Valley to Holbrook and Topaz every fall. The cattle and the dogs step on this trash. Bottles break and the bottoms usually stand upright with the jagged sides up.

Please do your part. Don't litter. That way I can help our Earth in other ways

Lura Morrison

Pine Nuts


Another day, another beating in a gaseous "guest editorial" for -C publisher Don Rogers for his airport apostasy. I talked to an Airport Advisory Committee member to get some facts about this matter.

A company called Pinon Aero is supposedly in the process of building cheap hangar space, planning to attract large numbers of jet aircraft owners to park at the Minden-Tahoe Airport.

In fact, Pinon Aero bought airport property seven years ago, but hasn't done much with it due to lack of demand. A recent letter to The R-C from Brown Aviation stated that their 15 existing hangars currently house exactly one jet.

Corporate jets cost millions of dollars to buy and thousands per hour to operate. A jet's advantages are speed, convenience, and safety. We're to believe a highly paid aircrew will travel back and forth to deadhead a jet to Minden-Tahoe to save on hangar rent? Four one-ways for the crew, a round trip for the jet, not counting the corporate mission it's flown on, each time it's needed? There goes speed and convenience.

Airport scolds have also implied that the county taxpayers pay for airport operations. In fact, the personal property taxes, fuel, maintenance, storage, and other revenue shelled out by airport users more than pays for all airport expenses.

If you're not an airport customer, it's costing you nothing.

A tiny bunch of gadflies and their silly Web site prattle on about "quality of life" but the irony is that what Douglas County badly needs right now is some growth.

County tax revenue, employment opportunities, and housing values are all headed in the wrong direction. We've lost population two years running. If a jet-operating company were considering expansion into Douglas County, our economic recovery might be helped by a jet-friendly airport. If we have one.

Lynn Muzzy



Karen Dustman is the best choice for Alpine County judge. Not only does she have the backing of the people that work directly and daily with Judge DeVore, and that says a lot, she will work for everyone in Alpine County.

She doesn't bring good ol' boy politics to the table she brings fairness, commitment, and a real sense of caring to politics for everyone. I know, because she worked that hard for me, when I needed the help of her office. Vote for the person who will work honestly and fairly for everyone.

Mimi Erens



The Douglas County Republican Women would like to thank the following individuals and local merchants for their generous donations to our fashion show and luncheon fund raising event held on April 19 at Carson Valley Inn. We appreciate your interest and support.

Individual donors: Bob and Donna Allgeier, Bev Anderson, Sharon Beller, Judy Conrad, Gloria Darrington, Sherry Dilley, Rosemary Gatewood, Gov. Jim and First Lady Dawn Gibbons, Amanda Gilbert, Diane Gordon, Ann Hersey, Glennis Hill, Joyce Holstein, Nancy Kjeldergaard, Georgeen Leiser, Sharon O'Berg, Lorrene Palmer, Mary Jane Harding and Norma Summey.

Local merchants: Carson Valley Beauty Supply, Carson Valley Inn, Classical Glass, Focus Salon, Fresh Ideas, JT Basque Bar & Dining Room, Kayti Kudrna of Dejà vu Salon, Russell's Mercantile, Sierra Training Studio, Solace Spa in the Historian Inn and local artist Cindy Lynn.

Joyce Holstein



The leadership students of Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School held our first Campus Beautification event on Earth Day, April 22. Together, we accomplished so much. We planted flowers and trees, cleaned and picked up trash, repainted the recycling bin and safety curbing, and redid our basketball courts.

We are grateful to the Pau-Wa-Lu teachers who helped by leading work teams and running study halls.

Mr. See and Mr. Carter, grounds keeper and head custodian, helped us plan and organize. Also, thanks to the 200-plus students who participated and worked so hard.

We also wish to thank local business that donated to this event: Plant It Nursery, who helped to replant an entire planter, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, Raley's, Mountain View Tress Farm, Carson Valley Garden & Ranch Center, and Home Depot. Thank you all. We hope to make this a new tradition for years to come.

Samantha Phillips

for the Panther Leadership

Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School


I want to thank the city for the fishing they have made possible at the ponds in the Heritage Park area. It's great to see folks enjoying themselves around the pond.

One suggestion however is that they place a portable bathroom somewhere in the vicinity. As I passed, I wondered where all those folks went to relieve themselves. Hopefully not in the bushes.

Rick Kellenberger



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