Vandal not taking chance to change

Nearly a year after a vandalism spree from Stateline through Carson City and ending with his arrest in the Gardnerville Ranchos, David Scott Killen was sentenced Monday to a year in jail.

Killen himself described the incident as a "spree of stupidity" in court on Monday.

While he was charged with one instance of vandalism, when he admitted to the gross misdemeanor, he admitted to shooting out dozens of windows belonging to businesses and other motorists.

Killen was raised in the Gardnerville Ranchos and has officially been in trouble since he and his brother set their neighbor's lawn on fire while he was still a teenager.

In the time since the vandalism spree, Killen fathered a son and has been arrested for allegedly stealing mail in Carson City. His wife and son are living in a motel.

If anyone has been given the opportunity to change, it's Killen.

On Monday, he told Judge Michael Gibbons he must leave Western Nevada because he cannot be good here. If we actually believed that, we would raise money to send him someplace else.

Reforming Killen will take more than a change of scenery. Unless he manages that reform, the only scenery he'll be looking at will be through a wire fence.


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