Nevada's oldest precinct turns out for caucuses

More than 150 people turned out for the Republican caucus in Genoa, the birthplace of Nevada politics, while Democrats had to cut the cards to determine which candidate won the state's oldest precinct.

Republicans from Genoa precinct 5 and Jacks Valley precinct 6 were greeted by pollsters Saturday morning as they attended their caucus in the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department.

Turn-out of Republican voters surprised organizers, who had to create more ballots for the straw poll.

Jacks Valley resident Mike Olson said he supported Mitt Romney, but that he is also wanted to experience the caucus.

"I wanted to get out and experience a caucus," he said. "It's neat to see Nevada get to vote early on."

National Committeewoman Beverly Willard said she flew back from Washington D.C. to participate in her caucus.

Willard said that by working with the Republican National Committee, Nevada will get to keep all of its delegates.

However, delegates selected by the Republicans on Saturday will not be bound to any candidate.

One of the youngest participants in the caucus in Genoa was Charlotte Drumm, 20, of Alpine View, who attended with her parents.

The University of Nevada, Reno, nursing student, said she was leaning toward Mike Huckabee.

A Carson Valley native and 2006 Douglas High graduate, Drumm attended the caucus with her parents, Curt and Dianne.

"He's very personable and has had more specific answers than I've hear from the other candidates," she said of Huckabee.

Genoa was one of three Democratic precincts in Douglas County that split evenly between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

With 26 votes for Clinton and 26 for Obama, which candidate got the majority of the precinct's three delegates came down to the high card.

Precinct Captain Nancy Downey shuffled the deck and Clinton supporter Greg Kuntz drew a five. Obama supporter William McCann pulled the king to win the split after a majority of Democrats backing John Edwards in the first vote switched to the Illinois senator.

Douglas High School senior Anton Anger said it was Obama's message of hope for young people that made him a supporter.

"He's given my generation hope," he said.

Anger said he believes Obama can bring chnage.

"He tells young people that we can't just wait for change to happen, we need to take charge and make it happen."

Edwards backers Brian Williams and John Sacco both ended up moving into the Obama camp.

Williams said he liked Edwards' progressive stand.

"He's a populist and I'd like to see the party pull to the left."

Genoa was one of five precincts meeting at Jacks Valley Elementary School on Saturday.

About 400 people turned out to the caucus in the north county school.

Democrats also cut cards for delegates in precinct 37 meeting at Zephyr Cove Library and at precinct 18 meeting at Meneley Elementary School.


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