Big turnout prompts grumbling

Republican officials were caught off-guard at the CVIC Hall in downtown Minden, where it was standing room only by 9 a.m. Saturday for their first caucus in eight years.

Not enough sound system, not enough chairs, not enough ballots.

"This is a joke. We couldn't hear," said Dave Henderson of Minden. "We need to go back to a primary, where everyone has a voice."

He objected to the fact that the process doesn't give servicemen a chance to voice their opinions.

Five precincts met at CVIC. Residents were given the chance to stand up before the crowd to stump for their candidate, but for some there were no speeches, so people voted and left. Other precincts took more time, as residents stood up to back their candidate.

Gardnerville resident Roland Gysen, who voted for John McCain, said he was surprised at how fast the process went.

"I expected it to be more disorganized the first time," he said.

Kim Borgzinner of Gardnerville said she was pleased with the process.

"Everyone had made up their minds (in our precinct), so we voted and left," she said. "It was interesting."

She cast her vote for Mitt Romney, saying he fits her vision with respect to the way this country needs to go.

"He's a businessman," she said. "I think he can make a difference."

Doug Hemingway, who oversaw the event, said local Republicans didn't know what would really happen.

"Politics is like making sausage," said one Republican offical. "It's not easy to watch."


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