12:30 update: Obama, Clinton neck-and-neck

With only three percent of precincts reporting from the Democratic caucuses, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are fighting it out.

Obama has drawn 48 percent of the early vote, with only 39 votes in, while Clinton stands with 46 percent with 38 votes.

John Edwards is trailing with 5 percent and Dennis Kucinich stands with 1 percent,

In the Republican race, Mitt Romney is running away with the vote, taking 56 percent with 9,559 votes with 38 percent of precincts reporting.

John McCain (2,084 votes) and Ron Paul (2,014) are tied for second with 12 percent, Mike Huckabee stands at eight percent with 1,279 votes, Fred Thompson is also at 8 percent with 1,246 and Rudy Giuliani trails with 4 percent and 637 votes.


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