Ranchos school's new roof springs a leak

The leaking of Meneley Elementary School's new $746,150 roof, installed last summer, is normal, according to Douglas County School District business services director Holly Luna.

"It's part of the normal growing pains of installing a new roof," she said.

During last week's wet weather, Meneley employees reported their new roof was leaking significantly.

Some teachers covered classroom equipment with tarps and placed trash cans under dripping water spots on the ceiling.

Luna said Jacks Valley Elementary School experienced similar problems when they installed their new roof about two years ago.

"Sometimes, you don't have a problem until it rains," said Luna. "There are some additional items we need to do that weren't in the original scope of the project."

She said roof ventilation areas need to be properly sealed in, and condensation draining lines need to be installed. She also said some walls need better caulking.

"The contractor was just out at Meneley," said Luna. "They'll be making some adjustments."

Luna said the contractor, State Roofing under the Garland Co., provides a 30-year warranty for their product. She said some of the work that needs to be done will be adjustments the company will perform under their normal contract, but that the installment of additional items not included in the original contract will cost about $20,000.


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