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Commissioner quits as chairman

Editor's Note: This is an open letter from Commissioner Doug N Johnson, which will also be read at the Jan. 17 Douglas County Board of Commissioner meeting during public comment.


Of the many responsibilities for chairman, treating everyone with respect and being non judgmental of others opinions is of utmost importance. If the same is not reciprocated, you lose your ability to lead in a fair and productive way. While I am proud of the body of work accomplished by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners this past year, the neutrality and objectivity I have maintained as chairman recently have not produced the results I feel passionately about. After careful consideration, I have decided to resign as chairman of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. My objective has always been to serve as a voice for the citizens of Douglas County, acting in the best interests of Douglas County and representing my constituents as a productive and respectful member of the board. With my concurrent decision to run for a second term, the time and energy needed to effectively run a campaign could additionally hinder my ability to execute chairman responsibilities. Therefore, I would respectfully ask for an agenda item to be placed on our meeting Feb. 7 to discuss and vote on my replacement as Chairman.

Doug N. Johnson

Douglas County commissioner

Brady doing

a good job


In what would appear to be a classic example of shooting the messenger, Douglas County commissioners voted to strip David Brady of his position as vice chairman at their Jan. 3 meeting.

As near as I can determine the reason for this was that they were unhappy with the evaluation (given by Mr. Brady) of the performance of the Douglas County manager. It would seem that pointing out the many recent deviations from the master plan and the many instances where the county has gone directly against the stated wishes of its residents, is a firing offense.

Mr. Brady's evaluation was both objective and factual and it is a discredit to the board, and a dis-service to the community, that he be removed from his position for speaking his mind. This action will do little to assuage the concerns of many residents about the objectivity of the board and its continual refusal to listen to the repeated requests by the community to follow the master plan and to keep a tight rein on uncontrolled growth. Thank goodness for Mr. Brady. We should see about getting more like him on the board in future elections.

Gary Griffith


Brady doing

his job


David Brady has performed a responsible and civic duty as an elected member to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners; his carefully considered and constructive criticism directed toward Mr. Holler was neither insulting or unnecessarily derogatory.

We have read the transcript of Mr. Brady's comments. They show a man who cares considerably about the commission's responsibilities; Mr. Brady's actions are not and were not irresponsible, but his actions are part of an expected and necessary democratic process.

The board's reaction shows an arrogant lack of respect for responsible use of our free speech process and a disturbing lack of responsibility toward the Douglas County electorate.

What the heck is really going on there?

Warren Harnden and Arline Zeidler


Exploring the dichotomy


I loved the dichotomy - Sign(s) of the times:

n Businesses closing

n U.S. Postal Service has the money to build a new post office.

Only governments seem to have the money. Our county government seems to believe it, too. They need a business tax, but they have the money to buy the old DMV building and build a garage.

Bill Moriarty

Indian Hills

Caucus system

is a power grab


Who decided we should have a caucus instead of a primary election? Did I miss that on the ballot? My entire adult life I've heard, "Get out and vote. Let your voice be heard." I feel a caucus is a power grab by the so-called heads of the party to choose the candidate they want. Oh, they invite everyone to come. There'll be a time (a whole 2 minutes) to persuade others to vote for your candidate. Are they kidding me?

Not everyone enjoys haggling, debating and arm twisting. Doesn't it seem more reflective of what the people want if we each go to our polling place, take 5 minutes and vote for the candidate of our choice? I could see a caucus back in the 1800s when roads were rough and not everyone could get to the polls. Today the idea is archaic. I resent having my right to quietly cast my vote taken away by the "party ladder climbers." Just compare the number of votes cast in the Iowa caucus to the number of votes cast in the primary election in New Hampshire. Which one do you think truly represents the people?

Mary Fauria


Some questions for Hillary backers


I have some logical, non-partisan questions for some of the groups supporting Hillary:

For those of you who subscribe to Al Gore's beliefs on global warming: Red China pumps out the most greenhouse gasses and pollution under the least amount of scrutiny in the world. Red Chinese businessmen have aggressively supported both Bill and Hillary's campaigns, even to the point of going to jail for it. Their donations are certainly not pouring in because the Chinese think Hillary will crack down on them. So how can you be supporting her?

For those in favor of ending the Iraq war quickly: Hillary says in debates that she'll start withdrawing troops within 60 days, but her Web site states: "As president, one of Hillary's first official actions would be to convene the Joint Chiefs of Staff, her Secretary of Defense, and her National Security Council. She would direct them to draw up a clear, viable plan to bring our troops home..." Do you think this group of military minds will decide to end the war quickly? So how can you anti-war folks vote for her?

And for you Bush haters, if we continue with a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton pattern and the divisiveness that comes with it, we will continue to fracture as a people. And I guarantee you that there will be a Jeb, or another of the Bush royal family waiting at the end of Queen Hillary's reign.

Follow the money. Read their words. Study history. Look elsewhere.

Douglas Reynolds


Thank you, Bruce


We are writing this letter in support of Bruce Park and his immediate family. Bruce, thank you for your guest opinion in Friday's Record-Courier. As long-time Valley residents we have always known you and your family to be sincere and generous in your support of our Valley and its community members. In fact, over the years there have been few families who have positively impacted this community as much as you. You have helped to make this community a place that we have always been proud to call home. Thank you for your dedication, commitment and love of our Valley.

David and Miki Trujillo

Gary and Judy Williams

Carson Valley

Douglas animal

shelter is full


The winter conditions of the last week have resulted in fewer visitors to the Douglas County Animal Shelter and fewer adoptions of dogs and cats. The result is the shelter is at capacity.

If you have been considering adopting a dog or cat, now would be a perfect time. You may not only save the life of the shelter animal you adopt, but give a chance for another dog or cat to be saved. When the shelter is full, the county is unable to take owner releases.

Often owners need to unburden themselves of an animal by taking it to the shelter. When they are turned away, often desperate and frustrated, the dog or cat is taken to another facility where it is killed, or worse yet the owner abandons the pet in the desert, dumps it on a highway, exposed to the elements these animals are left to starve, be injured by vehicles, or attacked by coyotes.

Please come by the shelter a 921 Pinenut Road in Gardnerville and ask to meet some of the wonderful animals that would love to be your new best friend. As examples, Bella, an English Bulldog, will give you a "high 5" for a treat, Sinatra, an Aussie with beautiful blue eyes, and Ginger, a chocolate Lab, will take you to the yard and play some ball.

The animals need your help.

Laura Winking

Douglas Animal Welfare Group President



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