Barack Obama wins 30 delegates at Douglas Democratic Convention

Douglas County Democrats confirmed the results of the caucuses on Saturday by sending 30 delegates pledged to Sen. Barack Obama to the state convention on May 17.

More than 300 people attended the county convention at Carson Valley Middle School, according to convention chairman Chris Lunn.

Lunn said 23 delegates to the state convention were pledged to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

There weren't enough Edwards' delegates at the convention for viability.

"I think it went pretty well," Lunn said. "I was surprised at how many people hung in through the convention. We were supposed to be done at 2:30 p.m. and it was 5 p.m. when we discussed the platform planks. People sat in there and participated with vigor in the issues we had."

Lunn said there were a few planks suggested that appeared to come from a different party.

"Some of the suggested planks were right out of the Republican playbook," he said. "The platform committee was able to suggest or reject planks and it took signatures from a quarter of the convention to override those decisions."

The turnout on Saturday was more than double that of the convention in 2004 when 150 people attended.


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