The R-C Morning Report

Highway 88 is closed for avalanche control this morning, but both Highway 50 and Interstate 80 are open to motorists with chains or four-wheel drive. In Douglas, both Highway 50 and Kingsbury Grade are requiring chains or snow tires. Down in the Valley, only the stretch of 395 over Indian Hills has any road controls on it.

After a hairy couple of days weatherwise, today is supposed to be nice with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature at 47 degrees. Most of Saturday's snow in the Valley melted off when it rained on Sunday. By mid-week, the high will be back up around 60 degrees.

Weather spotters up at South Lake Tahoe reported getting 19 inches of snow out of this most recent storm. Saturday saw more than a foot of snow in parts of the Sierra foothills and an easy 9 inches down in the Valley. The Ebbetts Pass Sno-Tel sensor is showing 97.9 inches of snow in the upper Carson River basin.

People Editor Sharlene Irete's mom in Las Vegas got a note asking if she was affected by the earthquake in Wells.

Sharlene replied "What are they asking her for? I'm closer to Wells." I challenged that assumption. Though I was wrong, the difference in distance between Las Vegas and Wells and Gardnerville and Wells is only about 40 miles. That's because though we think of ourselves as Northern Nevada, we're really southwestern Northern Nevada and Wells is in northeastern Northern Nevada.


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