The R-C Morning Report

Genoans are scheduled to pick a new town manager at 7 p.m.. There are five candidates to chose from, but Interim Town Manager Sheryl Gonzales is the odds on favorite for the job, since she is senior of the candidates. Gonzales was the second choice when Tom Peters took the job two years ago. The job pays $42,272.88-$56,534.40 a year.

Some excitement last night, but nothing too dangerous. An accident at Highway 395 and Waterloo toward the end of the day resulted in no injuries. An overdue motorcyclist in the Pine Nuts turned up and I couldn't see any flames from a blaze on Waterloo last night, though the firefighters were right there and may have doused it.

A 22-year-old California man is scheduled to be sentenced on one count of statutory sexual seduction in district court this morning. Dustin Casebeer of Chico, Calif., allegedly brought a 14-year-old girl to Minden. Nearly a dozen officers raided a Minden motel on Nov. 29 in response to a kidnapping report. Casebeer faces up to 5 years in prison.

Today is forecast to be the first day of a series of storms expected to sweep through Western Nevada through Sunday. We're looking at less than 3 inches of snow today above 5,000 feet starting sometime this afternoon. A bigger storm is expected to arrive Thursday and Friday with snow levels dropping to 4,500 to 5,000 feet Thursday night. The biggest storm will roll in mid-day Saturday and will stick around until Sunday morning with significant snowfall in the Sierra.


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