The R-C Morning Report: Vote for a Valentine's story

The flowers are decanted and the chocolates have been nibbled, but we still have Valentine's Day business to conduct. Below are listed the Valentine's Day stories we received from readers and printed Wednesday. Take a little time to read them, and then pick your favorite on our poll. There are prizes to be had by the writers and we'd like your help deciding which is the best. Thanks for your help.

It's President's Day weekend and gas prices took a drop, so prepare for the roads to be a little nutty today through Monday. Me? I'm holing up at home and passing on the madness. If you're going out, be careful out there. Like to see you all back on Tuesday.

The long weekend does look as though it will be a nice one. The high today is forecast to be 48 degrees with it climbing to nearly 60 by Sunday. Who am I kidding? The actual temperature usually bumps up 3-4 degrees over the forecast. Nothing wet in the forecast until Tuesday. Have a great weekend.


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