The R-C Morning Report

Genoans will be interviewing candidates for town manager on Saturday starting at 8 a.m. The folks on the list are Melinda Clevenger-Klick, Sheryl Gonzales, Claire Fortier, Michael Wolterbeek, Kimberly Petersen, Vickie Kieffer and Alex Kloske. The salary range for the job is $42,272.88 to $56,534.40 a year. The interviews are being conducted by the town advisory board. Members of the public are welcome to listen in, but are being asked not to comment, shake their heads or hum dirges during the interviews. The meeting is expected to last eight hours. The results of the interviews may be decided at the town's 7 p.m. Tuesday meeting.

I've figured out how to stop the snow. All I have to do is put the snow weather graphic on the front page and the next day will be sunny and nice. I promise to use my newfound power only for good. Which means I'll be running the sunny graphic in order to make it snow a few more times over the course of this winter, just for good measure. The Weather Service really is predicting a 40 percent chance of snow before 10 a.m., but I'm not seeing it. The temperature in Minden is 34 degrees, but it's still icy out so be careful.

Highway 88 is closed near Kirkwood for avalanche control and chains or four-wheel drive is required over Interstate 80 and Highway 50. Chains or snow tires will get you around the lake for and over the Carson Range for the most part.


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