Peggy Fossett issues statement

Peggy Fossett, wife of missing millionaire aviator Steve Fossett, issued the following statement Monday regarding the search for her husband who disappeared Sept. 3:

"The search for Steve Fossett is intense, thorough, and highly professional. I am certain that, under no other circumstances, would it be possible to assemble a better, more experienced and organized team, both on site and off. This is an incredible collaboration between military, law enforcement and civilian expertise. The outpouring of help from around the world has been extraordinary. More than anything else, Steve Fossett believes in achieving success through calculated, meticulous planning and organization and it is that spirit which permeates this team. Our hopes are high and I am confident of a successful resolution to this search.

"Deepest, sincere thanks to Barron Hilton, his staff, and all of the staff of the Flying M Ranch for their tireless energy and incredible support in the search for Steve. Thanks also to Tom Schrade and the Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno for their tactical, logistical and organizational contributions. I am indebted to the numerous friends who have come from around the world to serve as pilots, spotters, and ground crew and who are giving genuine moral support during this difficult time.

"Special thanks to Gov. Jim Gibbons of Nevada, along with the Civil Air Patrols of Nevada and California for their ongoing contributions of assets and tireless, round-the-clock support. We are sincerely grateful to Tim Evinger, sheriff of Klamath County, Ore., and his dive team who not only provided total support for the underwater search of Walker Lake, but also tremendous, ongoing organizational skills. Steve's pilot, Mark Marshall, is an awesome coordinator of flight operations. Pilots Mike Gilles, Rick Raines, Dick Rutan, Dennis Ivans, and Hannes Linke, as well as Maverick Helicopters, have also been invaluable.

"On behalf of our family, we are indebted to the hundreds of friends and volunteers who are looking for, and the millions around the world who are praying for Steve's safe return."

Peggy Fossett

Sept. 10, 2007


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