The R-C Morning Report

It's pretty slick out there this morning so be careful. A pickup hit a sign along Highway 395 near Minden in the northbound lanes and medics are responding to an accident at Holbrook Junction that occurred at about 6:50 a.m. According to scanner traffic that car ended up in a ditch and has since been pulled out and is on his way to Mono County.

The road controls map looks like someone highlighted the highways with silly string. Snow tires or chains are required on Highway 395 from the Carson-Douglas line dang near all the way to Bridgeport. Kingsbury and Spooner both have chains or snow tire controls, Highway 208 east from Holbrook Junction to the Douglas County line is requiring chains or snowtires. If you want to go over the Sierra on I-80, Highway 50 or Highway 88 might as well pack the chains, because California won't let you across without them.

On Wednesday, the annual Quality Counts 2007 report produced by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center was released and of course Nevada ranked down near the bottom. One of the figures included in the report is that Nevada's average graduation rate is 55.9 percent, which does not appear to be true. Nevada's dropout rate was at 5.7 percent statewide, according to the Nevada Department of Education accountability report. That report gives Nevada a graduation rate of 64.9 percent, which is at least a little closer to the national average. We're working on a story that talks to educators about this, so stay tuned.


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