The R-C Morning Report

Highway 395 is closed from just north of Holbrook Junction south to 11 miles north of Bishop due to snow, according to the California Department of Transportation. They're advising motorists to find a different route, although, it might pay to delay any trips over the mountains for a day or two. Chains or four-wheel drive are required over any of the passes and chains or snow tires are a requirement in the Valley, including highways 395, 88, 50, Kingsbury Grade and Holbrook Junction, if you can get there.

Add an 80 percent chance of snow to 30 mph winds and you get a big mess. That's the forecast for today. Most of the snow is supposed to hit before 4 p.m., with accumulations of 1-2 inches. The temperature in Minden is 25 degrees.

It will be a busy day for District Judge Michael Gibbons this morning with nine cases including that of serial vandal David Scott Killen, and two people arrested with a record nine pounds of methamphetamine, Valdene Roberts and Nayo Orozco-Ortiz. There are 11 cases on the docket today.


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