R-C Noon Report

Candidates were spotted taking signs down today, including James Settelmeyer loading his signs into a pickup at highways 88 and 395 and Lloyd Higuera.

Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl took his signs down before the polls closed on Tuesday.

He thanked the voters of East Fork Township for returning him to office.

"I am extremely humble and grateful. Certainly, my opponent ran a very spirited campaign. I am grateful that it wasn't negative like so many political campaigns were this season."

EnEarl thanked his staff and supporters for ensuring the justice court runs well.

"I believe I run the court fairly, efficiently and effectively. I believe I have instituted programs those tasks. I couldn't do it without support of the staff in court as well as Doug Swalm in alternative sentencing. I am blessed to be surrounded by extremely competent people."

Minden Town Board members met this morning to discuss a variety of issues, including the Minden siren.

Town officials would like to know when the 6 p.m. signal will be sounded again.

Town board member Bob Hadfield said Wednesday he had discussed the issue with county Communications Director Dick Mirgon who said he was awaiting the word from County Manager Dan Holler.

Town Board members also approved a county ordinance that would bring historic portions of the town in line with county code.

Under the new ordinance, an overlay will be placed over part of the town between First and 10th streets and County Road and Highway 395 which will permit the narrow lots and setbacks and smaller lots common in the town.

The county is also looking at similar overlays in Gardnerville to preserve historic areas.


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