Election on the horizon

You are holding the last regular edition of The Record-Courier until after Election Day.

It has been an interesting election season and one that leaves us thankful it only comes around once every two years.

This would be a good time to discuss what our plans are for covering the election.

Firstly, our press time on Tuesday is 4 p.m. That means there will be no election results in Wednesday's edition.

Instead we will devote our energies to getting the best results and stories we can online at www.recordcourier.com for those interested in tracking the election.

We'll have the winners online as soon as responsibly possible to give our Internet readers the best analysis of what's going on as it happens.

The winners and vote counts will appear in Friday's edition along with reaction from candidates and a look at what the future holds.

For those who've voted already. Thank you for participating. For those who haven't, today and Tuesday are the last days to cast a ballot.

And for all the candidates who've placed their lives on hold for the last five months, you have our gratitude. Without good people willing to stand up to public scrutiny and run for office, our republic would fail. Thank you.


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