Woman accused of passing bad checks

An Oakland, Calif., woman is to appear in East Fork Justice Court today charged with trying to pass forged traveler's checks at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Sunday.

Unyque Alley, 26, was charged with burglary and uttering a forged instrument. She reportedly tried to pay for a $150 juicer with two forged checks.

A store employee, suspicious of the traveler's checks, checked with VISA officials who said the checks were fraudulent and told the employee to contact authorities.

While the employee was waiting for deputies, Alley reportedly tried to grab her identification, then left the store. She said she was going to return with her boyfriend who was at Best Buy, but the couple took off in their car.

Employees copied the license number and deputies apprehended the pair at the Pacific Gas station in Gardnerville.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found several items believed stolen, credit cards and marijuana.

Alley is being held on $31,500 bail.

She asked to be released from jail on her own recognizance or have her bail lowered because she said her brother was killed in Oakland in a drive-by shooting and she wanted to attend his funeral.

Her request was denied.

n School officials who went to Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School on Saturday to clean up graffiti discovered more vandalism.

A video surveillance showed two suspects writing on the north and east walls of the school gym between 11:10-11:15 p.m. Friday.

Officials estimated it would cost $1,500 to remove the new graffiti.

n A bicycle worth $1,000 was found on Douglas Avenue less than two hours after it was reported stolen.

The owner, who lives on Wildrose in Minden, reported the bike missing at 10 p.m. Saturday. He said he had parked the bike in front of his house and when he went to put it away, it was gone.

A deputy found the bicycle in the 1400 block of Douglas Avenue at 11:15 p.m.

The bike was returned to its owner.

n A Douglas County sheriff's deputy responding to an activated alarm at The Chart House early on the morning of May 13 discovered a group of three black bears rummaging through food containers inside the Kingsbury Grade restaurant.

The deputy found a rear sliding glass door open and believed it was used as the entry point for the three hungry bears.

The deputy contacted Carl Lackey from the Nevada Department of Fish and Game who was able to get the bears out of the building without incident.

Restaurant manager Corinne Best said there was no damage except to several dinner rolls the bears were munching on.

The remaining rolls were discarded.


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