Gardnerville woman accepted into Marines officer candidate school

A lifelong Gardnerville resident was accepted into the Marine Corps Officer Candidates Course program.

Tomasa Kizer, 24, a 1999 graduate of Douglas High School and a graduate of University of Nevada, Reno, in 2004 is leaving today to attend a 10-week summer training session in Quantico, Va. Students are commissioned Second Lieutenants of Marines upon graduation.

"I told her this is something to be proud of," said Kizer's aunt, Millie Kizer. "We are all very proud of Tomasa."

In order to be accepted into the program Tomasa had to go through a series of written and physical exams. If she makes it through the 10-week program she will continue for another 26 weeks before becoming an officer, according to another of Tomasa's aunts, Lenora Kizer. After that, she will serve another three years.

"She's excelled in everything she's tried from high school through college," said Lenora. "She's looking forward to using the training she receives after the program."

According to the Web site "Officer Candidates School is where Marine Officer candidates find out if they have what it takes to become leaders of Marines. They are continually tested and evaluated on their character, appearance, speech, command presence, strength, agility, coordination, endurance and intelligence."

"They're going to keep her on her toes, definitely," said Lenora. "I just want her to succeed."

The family held a celebration send-off for Tomasa in Aspen Park on May 29. At the conclusion of the party, family members took turns telling Tomasa their heartfelt thoughts.

"Everybody said what they wanted to say to her," said Millie Kizer. "People were crying."


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