Undersheriff to retire for more time with family

After 311Ú2 years as a cop, Undersheriff Bob Rudnick is turning in his badge to be a stay-at-home dad.

But the decision doesn't mean the 51-year-old veteran Douglas County law enforcement officer intends to spend much time in the house.

"My plans are to do as many things as I can with the kids and the family," Rudnick said. "I have a 15-year-old-son, Timmy, active in sports. He'll be a sophomore. And my 13-year-old Scott is just as active.

"I'm still involved in coaching baseball at the junior varsity level and the summer program. And I am continuing with the same Little League team for 18 years."

Rudnick said he and his wife Denise were faced with the same dilemmas that confront many working parents.

"Something's got to give," Rudnick said.

His last day with the sheriff's office is Aug. 1.

"At my age, I keep getting friendly reminders from AARP and that helps put things in perspective. We crunched the numbers and, quite frankly, it's the right time. I have an opportunity to follow my boys through all their sporting events."

Denise Rudnick intends to keep working at Warren Reed Insurance where she is the office manager.

Rudnick said his sons are thrilled with his decision.

"As you can imagine, the boys are overwhelmed," he said. "I get reminders all the time of the things I could be missing. The other day one of my boys said, 'Hey, Dad. You can make us breakfast before we go to school.'"

Rudnick said he will miss his job.

"I started with this agency in 1975, I've been here more than half my life," he said. "The troubling aspect of this is that I will genuinely miss the camaraderie and the people at this department I consider teammates and family members. We have a very loyal and dedicated department. I am very proud of all the accomplishments."

Sheriff Ron Pierini said he will miss Rudnick personally and professionally.

"He's one of the greatest guys you ever want to work with," Pierini said. "Ethically, he can't be beat. He gives it his all. He's going to be very, very difficult to replace."

Pierini said he would announce Rudnick's replacement in July.

Rudnick, an avid outdoorsman, said he looks forward to playing golf and chukar hunting midweek instead of "battling the weekend warriors."

"My wife obviously feels some sort of relief," he said. "I have a lot of home projects. I have no problem washing clothes and folding the laundry. With my job, I just never had the time."

As his retirement approaches, Rudnick said he has mixed emotions.

"It's not like I am going to Antarctica," he said. "If I hadn't been involved with the sheriff's department, I would never have made the friends and relationships I have in the community. It's all good."


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