New firm selling gas grills online

When most products push the "bigger is better" idea, the manufacturers of Minden Grills take advantage of a "less is more" approach.

"We're targeting more urban environments like condos or homes with limited space," said Jim Sacherman, owner of Minden Grill Co. "The output is the same as a bigger grill without taking up the whole yard."

The three-burner propane gas grills are available for purchase online or by phone but Sacherman said they are working with retailers to get them in stores.

"But our focus is to sell online," he said. "We'll start shipping in mid-July."

According to Marketing Director Shannon Johnson, Minden Grills are smaller in size than most grills but not in overall capacity.

"It's not a monster-sized grill," said Johnson. "Some of the great things about this product is there's free shipping. Some of the parts are dishwasher-safe, Teflon-coated griddles are available and it comes pre-assembled."

The grills come in black, green or red.

Sacherman said the grills were popular at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas on May 9.

"The red one is eye-catching," he said.

Sacherman said he and a friend started Minden Grill Co. because they wanted to establish a new brand of propane grill.

"Having our location in Minden was a good choice for us," he said.

"In hiring our support staff, we found that all are eager and excited about doing business here."

To find out more about Minden Grill Co., visit the Web site at or contact Shannon Johnson at 782-2249.


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