Convicted deputy turns in his badge

Deputy Adam Spoon resigned today from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office effective immediately.

Spoon, 29, chose to resign rather than face disciplinary action for his conviction of brandishing a weapon while off duty in Carson City, according to Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini.

Spoon was convicted March 3 in a five-hour bench trial in Carson City.

The incident occurred Sept. 24, 2005, at the intersection of Carson and William streets at about 10 p.m.

A motorcyclist yelled at Spoon for allegedly tailgating him. Spoon, who was driving his pickup, backed up even with the motorcyclist to deny tailgating.

According to both sides, a yelling match ensued, which prompted Spoon to draw his weapon.

Spoon had been on administrative leave after his conviction. Visiting Judge Steve McMorris imposed no sentence on the deputy, saying the conviction would cost Spoon his job.

The motorcyclists, Sean and Julie Bowers of Rocklin, Calif., retained Carson City attorney Day Williams and Julie Bowers testified she intended to seek damages from Spoon as a result of the incident.


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