Douglas County deputy charged in Carson City for pulling gun

A Douglas County deputy will appear in Carson City court Jan. 10 in connection with allegations he drew his weapon while off-duty during an argument with another motorist.

A criminal complaint filed in Carson City Justice Court on Thursday charges Deputy Adam Spoon with misdemeanor drawing or exhibiting a deadly weapon in a rude, angry or threatening manner. Spoon "displayed or brandished a semiautomatic handgun at Sean Bowers and threatened to shoot him," on Sept. 24 at William and Carson streets, the complaint states.

In statements from both Bowers and his wife, Julie, they said they were visiting from Rocklin, Calif., when they borrowed a friend's motorcycle to ride to dinner. After 10 p.m., they were riding north on Carson Street when Spoon, driving in a pickup, allegedly tailgated them through town.

Sean Bowers said the first chance he had to get into a different lane came as the two vehicles neared a red light at William and Carson streets.

Spoon allegedly drove past in the turn lane, and as he did so, Bowers said he said something to Spoon about tailgating.

Spoon allegedly backed up and the two exchanged words, Bowers said. At some point, Spoon allegedly pulled a gun out and pointed it at Bowers stating, "I'm a cop and I'll shoot you," according to Bowers' statement.

Spoon wrote in a written statement that he drew his weapon out of fear after Bowers allegedly got off his motorcycle and "quickly and aggressively walked to my truck with an angry look on his face."

A man waiting for the light behind Bowers told investigators he was unable to hear what Spoon said during the dispute nor did he see a gun, but he could hear Bowers saying "You're gonna shoot me over this?"

The man also told investigators Bowers never got off his motorcycle, which was about six feet from the passenger door of Spoon's truck.

"My clients are still shook up over the event and are hoping prosecution will give them some closure," said Carson City Attorney Day Williams, whom the couple retained after they were approached for questioning by Douglas County investigators as part of an internal investigation.

Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini said Spoon has been taken off the street and is working under supervision in the jail.

"He will be in there until we have all the facts on the criminal end of it," Pierini said.

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