Weaver helps keep Ruhenstroth safe from fires

Jeff Weaver is one of three captains in our Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department, joining in 1995 two years after moving to Nevada. Previously, Jeff spent about seven years with a fire department in the Bay Area before he moved his family here to get away from the crowds.

"I grew up in a fire station," Weaver said. "My dad was a firefighter, and it was always something I wanted to do."

He and wife, Carrie, have three children - Ashleigh, Jessica and Brandon are from college age all the way down to first grade. They enjoy camping and spend a lot of time up at Donner Lake or Lake Almanor in California.

His most memorable experience would have to be the Waterfall fire, 2004 in Carson City, because of the winds.

"By far it was the scariest fire - driving through the fire, had to put it in reverse and keep backing up," Weaver said, referring to (when the fire quickly changed directions on them) to avoid being overcome by the flames.

"The engine had to have a new windshield due to it getting so hot and then having cold water poured over it throughout the fire, as well as some of the external light fixtures needed to be replaced, and there are still scorch marks in the paint. It was a very hot and intense fire situation," he said.

When he is not fighting fires or spending time with the family, Weaver is an offshore oil field worker, working about 10 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara in California.

"A typical day is spent doing maintenance on all equipment, and we have lots of equipment to take care of," he said. "It basically is an oil refinery on an oil rig totally surrounded by water. We have very little down time since mechanical things somehow always need fixing. I alternate spending one week on the rig and one week home. It is great because it gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my children. I can take my son to school and be there when he gets home."

Weaver says that they are able to see a lot of seals, dolphins, whales, and, of course, sea gulls. The seals may look cute in the performing shows but they can be real mean in their own environment - very territorial.

"I'm sure they are also able to enjoy some incredible sunsets and sunrises as well as great stargazing when they have a few minutes to relax," he said.

Weaver would love to have more volunteers.

"The more the merrier, especially those that may have time during the day," he said. "It doesn't take a lot of time, just a commitment to one day a week for business meetings and training and whatever other time they can give."

Jeff, we are very grateful to you and your family for the time you give to our department. Thank you.

Have a Ramblin' Good Week!

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