Barbecue was a great time

The 15th annual barbecue hosted by the Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department was a big success this year.

"We accomplished our goal, which is to have a giant block party with all our friends," Carol Hill said. "There was a good turnout with a steady flow of people throughout the evening and the weather cooperated. Also, there were no fire calls this year."

Carol and husband Mike have been helping with the annual event since 1987 when they were just dating. That year was a combined effort with the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department in an Oktoberfest celebration. They have helped with each of the 15 neighborhood get-togethers in Ruhenstroth since 1989, the year the event took place just two weeks before their wedding.

My husband's family has a big family reunion each year in North Carolina that almost always conflicts with the annual event here in Ruhenstroth. We've only been fortunate to be able to attend one of the annual barbecues in our eight years here. Since I couldn't be there in person, I decided to ask for input from one of our neighbors. Terry Manning was gracious enough to relay the following information.

"The breezes blew through rooms full of folks laughing and munching on the great burgers, dogs and all the goodies that go with them. The firefighters' main objective is to have a block party where neighbors can meet neighbors and make new friends," Terry said. "Gary and Kathy, from the Ranchos, have been coming here for about 10 years. They meet their friends here, including Assistant Chief John Babcock. They love the food, prizes, dancing and the Hula Hoop contest."

Anne and Tom from East Valley said they, like many others, go to all three of the annual fundraisers held by the local firefighters.

"All of the area volunteers help out when there is a need. And we always have a great time," they said.

Terry also talked with Al and Sharon York, who recently moved to Sorrel Lane from the Fish Springs area. They said they enjoyed the annual spaghetti feed put on by the Fish Springs Volunteer Fire Department and look forward to meeting new friends each year at our annual barbecue.

"Those who bought tickets had almost 50 chances to win raffle prizes and the silent auction offered nine interesting and provocative items," Terry continued. "The 'hay hatchet,' donated by Jolene Daphne, was the talk of our table. This improved version of an old farm tool is used to snap the wire on the hay bales. It is bright red and not likely to get lost or misplaced. Jolene, along with her sister and mother make the hay hatchets and offer them for sale."

"I love mine. It works great," said Bunny Stafford.

Jolene also donates a homemade fleece blanket each year for the silent auction. The blankets are in memory of her brother, Eric Daphne, a member of our Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department who tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident almost four years ago.

"The entertainment was once again provided by Dyna Mic Duo, Randy and Theresa Daggs. Mother Nature offered up some sensational lightning strikes along with some large drops of rain," Terry added.

It seems that the Hula Hoop contest is continuing to be great fun.

"If they had not devised a separate contest for boys, there would not have been a single male winner. You go girls!" said Terry.

It's not too early to make your plans to attend next year's get-together. Mark the second Saturday in July so you don't miss out on the fun.

I want to thank Terry Manning for being this year's reporter. You did a great job and I really appreciate your help.

Have a ramblin' good week.

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