Congress - Dean Heller

Party: Republican

Place of residence: Carson City

Occupation: Nevada Secretary of State

Age: 45

Contact information:

P.O. Box 3196

Carson City, NV 89702


Incumbency: Candidate for office

Education: After graduating from Carson High School, Dean received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance and securities analysis, from the University of Southern California in 1985.

Record of service: First elected Secretary of State in 1994, and re-elected in 1998 and 2002. Served Carson City as an assemblyman in the Nevada Legislature from 1990-1994. Prior to that, Dean worked as a stockbroker and as a broker/trader on the Pacific Stock Exchange. A member of Nevada's Board of Examiners, State Prison Board, and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Founding board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada and the Western Nevada Community College Foundation. He is an advisory board member for Nevada's Foster Grandparent program.


As Secretary of State, Dean Heller has improved the efficiency by 250 percent while increasing revenues at the same time. Heller is a conservative and voted against higher taxes while in the Nevada Legislature. Heller will provide leadership to help Republicans regain control of spending and wipe out the federal deficit.

As a State Legislator Dean Heller fought against higher taxes and spending. He voted against the state budget that was driving the largest tax increase in state history, voted against creating an employee business tax, voted against increasing gas and vehicle registration taxes, and fought against proposals to increase document recording fees. In Congress, Heller will work to permanently end the marriage penalty and death taxes.

Heller supports our troops as they defend our freedom and protect our nation from terrorism. Heller supports the Patriot Act and will work to strengthen our borders from unlawful entry and stop illegal immigration.

Dean Heller opposes amnesty for those that enter America illegally. Immigrants that wish to become citizens must follow our laws. In Congress, Heller will support increased efforts to defend America's borders and protect us from anyone that wants to do harm to Americans. Heller will defend our freedom and our Nevada way of life.

Dean Heller has worked to shut down unscrupulous marketing schemes that prey upon senior citizens helping to recover over $43 million for investors who were scammed and convicted over 60 con artists. As our Congressman, Dean Heller will oppose dangerous changes to social security, work to strengthen pensions, and work to expand 401K's and IRA's.


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