Dawn Gibbons makes run for Congress seat official

Former Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons has formally announced her candidacy for the congressional seat now held by her husband.

Gibbons, 51, served three terms in the Nevada Assembly representing south Reno.

"Nevadans share my concerns about rapidly increasing federal spending, the ever-increasing problem of illegal immigration and protecting our nation and our borders," she said. "Nevadans are also focused on ensuring that Social Security is there for those who have worked and contributed to the retirement system."

She said federal spending must be kept under control.

"Our deficit is nearing $8 trillion and that is not the legacy or bill that should be left to our children," she said. "We need to strengthen our resolve against spending that is wasteful, outrageous and unnecessary."

She cited the no-bid contracts awarded in the wake of Gulf Coast hurricanes as an example.

To ensure the solvency of Social Security, she said, she will only support reforms that keep the system solvent and guarantee people receive the benefits they have been promised.

And she called illegal immigration "not only a national security threat but is also taxing our nation's health-care system as well."

Gibbons, a Republican, is running to fill the seat vacated by her husband Jim, who is running for Nevada governor.

Secretary of State Dean Heller, also a Republican, has already announced plans to run for the congressional seat as well.

The district covers all of northern and rural Nevada and includes a small piece of the Las Vegas area.

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