Woman loses purse in shopping cart

A shopper at Smith's grocery store reported she left her purse containing $2,100 in a shopping cart after unloading her groceries.

When she went back to the store two minutes later, the purse was gone.

The 69-year-old victim told deputies that a clerk at the store who was outside rounding up grocery carts saw someone take the purse from the cart and drive away in a white truck.

The victim described the purse as multi-colored with a geometric pattern.

She had $100 cash in her wallet and $2,000 in $20 bills in an envelope marked "grandchildren."

The victim also had credit cards, a driver's license and her Social Security card in the purse.

n A 22-year-old Genoa motorcyclist was charged with reckless driving June 29 after he sped by a Douglas County sheriff's deputy at 107 mph.

The deputy reported he was headed north on Foothill Road near David Walley's Hot Springs when the driver and a female passenger passed him heading south.

The deputy's dashboard mounted radar indicated the motorcycle was traveling at 107 mph.

After he stopped, the suspect said he didn't know how fast he was going because he doesn't look at the speedometer when he's driving.

The deputy noticed that the motorcyclist had a video camera strapped to the gas tank. He reportedly told the deputy that he was recording himself driving at high speeds for a class.

He allowed the deputy to view the tape and it reportedly showed the suspect on Highway 395 weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds and crossing a double-yellow line to pass vehicles.

The deputy said he arrested the man for reckless driving because of his "blatant disregard" of public safety.

n A resident of the 1300 block of Toiyabe reported the theft of a camera, purse, and money June 29 after she left the items in her unlocked vehicle.

She also said she left the keys to her vehicle in the ignition.

n Deputies are investigating two instances where marijuana was found.

A man reported finding a camera bag at Carvel Court and County Road on July 1.

The bag contained two pipes, a lighter, one small bag of marijuana, and marijuana residue in a film canister and tin foil.

A freezer bag full of marijuana was discovered July 2 in a hallway of the Carson Valley Inn.

The bag was found outside a hotel room with a sandwich bag full of marijuana.

The weight was estimated at 1 ounce.


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