Gardnerville man faces felony DUI charge

A 47-year-old Gardnerville man who slipped into unconsciousness as deputies walked him from his car to a cruiser was charged with driving under the influence for the third time in less than seven years.

Russell James Gruber was arrested Saturday night at the Coyote Sports Bar after his vehicle rolled into the car of another patron.

The victim called deputies when he noticed the driver wasn't moving.

Deputies smelled alcohol when they opened the vehicle and Gruber reportedly told them he was trying to sleep.

He was too intoxicated to get out of his car without assistance. Deputies said he lost consciousness as they walked him to a patrol car.

Officials were waiting for his blood-alcohol content.

Gruber was taken to Douglas County Jail and is to appear in East Fork Justice Court today.

n A 55-year-old Gardnerville man was jailed Saturday after a group of juveniles said he threatened to throw a rock at them.

Torke Carver was jailed on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct, and obstructing an officer.

Bail was set at $25,000 and Carver is to appear in East Fork Justice Court today.

Deputies were called to the 1400 block of Edelsborough in Chichester Estates on Saturday afternoon after the incident.

Deputies said they found Carver dancing in the middle of the street. He put up some resistance to being handcuffed, but finally complied.

He was wearing a boot that had a 6-inch knife blade extending from the heel. Deputies said it would have caused serious injuries if he kicked someone.

The five 12- and 13-year-olds said they were playing in their yard and were approached by Carver who was carrying a baseball-sized rock.

The children said he drew his hand back as if to throw the rock at the children, but tossed it in the side area of his yard.

n A Chichester Estates resident, who has been the subject of six complaints about loud music from his garage, was cited for disturbing the peace.

Randy Anderson, 36, was cited after neighbors complained about the noise from his garage in the 1300 block of Chichester.

A deputy said when he arrived at the scene at 7:45 p.m. Nov. 28, he could hear drums.

The neighbor who signed the citation said the music had been playing nonstop since 1 p.m. He said the constant noise had disturbed his sleep and work.

The deputy said when he arrived, Anderson said, "Let me guess. You're here because of the music."

As he has in the past, Anderson told the deputy the music was within acceptable decibel levels. When the deputy disagreed, Anderson reportedly told him, "You better get your ears checked."

He invited the deputy to cite him and said he wasn't doing anything wrong.

n A 71-year-old Carson City woman said a purse containing $360 was stolen from a shopping cart Sunday at Ross Dress for Less.

The victim said she left her purse in the cart and turned away to look at an item. When she turned back, the purse was missing.

In addition to the money, the victim lost her driver's license, five credit cards which she canceled and a Medicare card.

n Deputies are investigating two reports of credit card fraud involving thousands of dollars.

A 44-year-old Minden man said someone used his credit card three times for $5,338 in unauthorized purchases from Best Buy.

The charges appeared to originate in Minnesota.

A 60-year-old Gardnerville woman said she was notified by e-mail to update her PayPal account.

She said she complied, providing her Social Security number and other personal information. A few days later, she discovered more than $3,144 had been transferred from her bank account to an address in the United Kingdom by Western Union.


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