July 4th memories

I was thinking about my favorite July 4th weekend. Even my childhood memories couldn't top camping at Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport two years ago. I didn't let on to my choice, but I asked each of my children individually and then my husband. We all picked the same trip. I knew it was great. But we'll each say why that was our best trip.

For myself, I love Twin Lakes. We usually camp in the Craggs campground which is on the south side of the lower lake. This campground is up off the river so mosquitoes are usually not a problem. There is nothing that can kill a camping trip faster than to have to constantly be aware of those flying beasts. Craggs also has lots of first-come, first-serve sites which we have always been able to get in, even if the site was in too much sun. What made this trip two years ago the best ever for me, was the morning parade in Bridgeport. It seemed every town resident took part. There were small children decked out in "top of the line Fox gear" on motocross bikes. We saw lots of children on bicycles and horses. There was a craft fair that followed with very reasonable prices. Good food and a spectacular fireworks display took place at night over Bridgeport Lake. The highway to the Sweetwater Canyon was lined with hundreds of cars so only the center of the road was open. When ever no cars were driving, the people would set up fireworks in the middle of the road. It was almost as big a show as the one put on over the lake.

Garrett, age 20, remembers his favorite part was, "The girls. There are so many that camp there."

Taylor, 18, said, "I loved the girls."

My youngest son Davis, 16, said, "No-brainer mom, the girls."

Jenee, 6, said, "Smokey the bear came and hugged me during the parade."

My husband loved the fireworks, it is one of the few times we've gone to see them and felt the drive home was safe.

For about the last five years we have spent most of the month of July at Twin Lakes camping. Our children have seen the same families each year and reconnect with them, then keep in touch during the year with e-mails. So their answers really weren't too surprising. If you love to go camping, give the Twin Lakes area a try. They have lots of campgrounds to choose from.

They stock trout regularly during the season, and they are delicious. For most of the campgrounds in the area you'll need a reservation with www.reserveusa.com or type in Twin Lakes Bridgeport California on your search bar for more information.

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