Barbara Smallwood Assembly District 39

Hometown: Gardnerville

Contact information: 782-7915

Incumbency: None

Record of service

Barbara Smallwood is highly qualified for the Assembly. She has been a leading member of the Assembly District 39 Community for the past 26 years. Barbara served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, and was a vital member of many other boards and committees. • Douglas County Resident since 1980 • Registered Republican, Gardnerville • Douglas County Commissioner Dist. 3 • Board of Commissioners Vice-Chairman • Carson Water Subconservancy District Board Member • Gardnerville Water Company Board of Directors • Upper Carson River Management Plan Committee Member • Douglas County Senior Nutrition Advisor Board Member • Douglas County Regional Transportation Commission Chairman • Tahoe Transportation District • Douglas County Parks and Recreation Board • Western Nevada Development District • Law Library Douglas County • Douglas County Master Plan and Development Code • Gardnerville Town Board Chairman • Drug Free School Task Force Member • CAT-Community Action Team Member • Community Oriented Policing Training • Western Community Policing Center • DCSO Handicapped Parking Enforcement Team • Family Community Leadership Training • Douglas County Historical Society Trustee


Nevada Association of Counties Resolution Now be it resolved, by the Board of Directors of the Nevada Association of Counties, that on behalf of all counties, the Association extends sincere appreciation to Barbara Smallwood for her leadership, dedication and public service; she worked tirelessly to promote public participation in the master planning process, advocated intergovernmental cooperation and encouraged expanded dialogue between all units of government, she promoted fiscal integrity and financial stability, and gave freely of her time to represent Douglas County on boards and commissions responsible for addressing the many infrastructure needs of her community.

Proclamation, County of Douglas Barbara S. Smallwood served the citizens with enthusiasm and dedication serving as Vice-Chairman. Barbara's commitment to the future of Douglas County was demonstrated through consistent actions to preserve and enhance the QUALITY OF LIFE enjoyed by the residents through the adoption of the Master plan and development code; construction of several new parks, the adoption of balanced budgets; a strong desire to see development pay its fair share of costs; and enhanced citizen involvement to solve community problems. Barbara strongly supported enhanced public services through the adoption of the COPS program, the establishment of Sheriff substations, the relocation of 911 to a consolidated communications center, taking a proactive role in transportation issues. Barbara gave freely of her time and energy through which she sought to ensure the concerns and ideas of residents were presented and addressed in all aspects of government. Her support for numerous community improvements positively changed the lives of countless people in Douglas County.


Graduated Wm. S. Hart High School, Newhall, CA. Attended various colleges, including Pierce, Jr. College, Woodland Hills, CA. and Valley College, Van Nuys, CA. Western Nevada Community College, Carson City and Douglas, NV. Public Officials Classes University of Nevada, Reno, NV. Nevada Rural Water Association: Surface Water Issues, Nevada Drinking Water Regulations; Ground Water Treatment Options. Emergency Management Preparation

Current profession

Retired, once served as director of the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center for the Douglas County Historical Society. Licensed Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and I support private property rights.

Reason for seeking position

In 1980 I chose to live in Nevada. The quality of life, the diversity of the people, and the opportunities for all of our citizens were, as they still are today, without equal. A strong business climate and no state income tax are important to me. Comparatively, our state is in pretty decent shape, but there are short and long term challenges just beyond the horizon and they need to be addressed now. We need responsiveness that goes beyond party lines and political labels. We need solutions to current issues that don't turn a blind eye on the future, so that our children and their descendants can, decades from now, still experience the Nevada we know and love. You have my commitment to go to work for you. I want your ideas, opinions and arguments now, so I can take them to the assembly for you. I want to be your voice at the state level. I am open, accessible, available and enthusiastic. Together we can be heard.

That is why I am a candidate for State Assembly and I would appreciate your vote.


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