Skate shop goes Full Out

Full Out Skate Underground is an extreme sports outlet that goes beyond providing ordinary service and conventional products, according to owner James Darin Grant. Grant said he hopes to sponsor a skate team and have an indoor skate park by summer.

"It's been a dream to do my own business," said Grant. "Basically, I wanted to do something that's fun. I like helping the community and I like sports."

Grant sells skate decks and accessories - clothing, shoes, hats, gloves and other skate and snow gear. He also services skateboards.

A 2,000 square foot area on site is reserved for a half pipe in the future.

Grant said he's starting a new company and not just opening a store. He hopes Full Out will soon be part of a series of stores.

"Our company does high volume business and can give discounts," he said. "Full Out is a company and not just a business. We have our own logo and do the artwork on the decks."

Full Out Skate Underground has a Web site at

"Our Web site allows us to sell our products over the Internet," he said. "We've sold a lot of our stuff on eBay."

Except for having to shovel snow to use the skatepark across from Lampe Park, skateboarders can be out almost anytime.

"Snowboarders have to wait for the right conditions, but skateboarders don't have to depend on conditions," said Grant. "They can be out anytime. I want to give kids something to do. If it wasn't for boarding, kids might be out doing crimes. I want to help the community - make this a community involvement thing.

Full Out is located in the Gardnerville Ranchos at 1276 Pit Road, Unit H-8. Hours of operation are noon to 8 p.m. everyday.

"The closest (other skate) shop is in Carson City and I'm happy," said Grant. "But I still want to continue to make sure deals are unbelievable."

House skateboard packages start at $89.99 and brand name packages start at $100. House decks start at $20.

A grand opening event is planned with snowboard giveaways March 1. For more information, call Full Out at 690-1551.

What: Full Out Skate Underground

Who: James Darin Grant

Where: 1276 Pit Road, Unit H-8, Gardnerville Ranchos

When: Noon to 8 p.m., everyday

Info: 690-1551 or on the Web,


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