Nice weather for a disaster

With the sun shining and a blanket of snow, it is hard to believe that Douglas County has been declared a disaster area.

On Tuesday, Gov. Kenny Guinn declared that most of western Nevada, including Carson Valley, was a disaster area.

With an estimated $500,000 damage, we're happy to have whatever help comes from the declaration.

At present, Nevada Division of Forestry inmate crews are working to repair damages from the New Year's flood of 2006.

With a year's worth of rainfall over the course of a week in some parts of the Valley, it's a wonder the entire county didn't end up downriver in Dayton.

The only difference between last weekend's flood and the New Year's flood of 1997 was 20 degrees, according to Carson River water master Julian Larrouy.

With the temperatures a score warmer than in 1997, that meant the rain had a chance to drain off instead of being locked into great piles of snow on the Valley floor. It was those great piles in 1997 that melted suddenly and filled every low spot.

For the most part, the county's response to the flooding was excellent and we're certain prevented more damage.

The waters from this most recent New Year's flood have already receded and we suspect memories of the damage won't linger much longer.


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