'Who let the bunnies out?' asks new Johnson Lane Journal columnist

"Who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who?" My teenage boys love this song. Even my 5-year-old daughter knows the words. So here is my question. If you live by Henning Street in the Johnson Lane area, who let the rabbits out, who, who, who, who? We are inundated with loose domestic rabbits. Perhaps an owner tired of taking care of them? These rabbits may be cute, but they are causing a big problem for the neighbors.

Last Thursday my dog brought a silver Netherland dwarf bunny to my back door - with its guts hanging out. I had to not only take it away from her, but make sure the blood didn't drip on my carpet on the way to the trash. Should I say, ick? A few weeks ago my Chihuahua brought me a dwarf hotot. It was her first ever. How does a Chihuahua catch a bunny bigger than her? I hope the residents on Henning Street and in the surrounding areas will put out live traps to catch these beautiful domestic bunnies that have no business running around the neighborhood, digging holes under barns and turning our wonderful dogs into killers. Where are the neighborhood cats that could be helping out? We've lost a few cats in the past and we no longer have any. This is just not a good situation. If you have any advice on how to help with this problem, please call me.

n For any of you youngsters interested in joining 4H to show your rabbits, guinea pigs, or chickens, our first show was Saturday, and it was a blast. It was put on by the Washoe County 4H Leaders and the Nevada Cooperative Extension. They offered categories like purebred, disqualified, crossbreed, costume class (where you got to dress up your pet), showmanship and hurdles (rabbits only). There was also a poster contest and a cavy (guinea pig) race.

Attending the show from Douglas County 4H Funny Bunnies and Wavy Cavies was Spencer Davidson, Amelia Ritger, Rachel Anne Murphy, Brooke Mille and from our very own Johnson Lane, Kelsey Blotter, Travis Anderson, Shandi Anderson and Jenee Welch (yes, my daughter).

Shandi Anderson took a first place in intermediate showmanship with her male caster mini rex named Nemo. Travis took a first place for his entry in the poster contest for his age group. Travis also took a first place for his male mini rex named Bo. Jenee took a first place for her cavy named Checkers. Amelia took a third place in novice showmanship with her tortoise Holland lop named Mickey.

If you are interested in joining our club you can call the leader Don Murphy at 265-6088, or our co-leader, Johnson Lane resident Lynette Anderson at 267-4033.

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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