Genoa picks new town manager

Genoans chose a new town manager on Tuesday, voting 3-1 to hire former school administrator Thomas Miller Peters over consultant Sheryl Gonzales.

Board members had to make a quick decision, since they didn't get either person's resumé until the meeting was called to order.

They also had to stick to a script of seven questions prepared by the county, which board members read in turn to each candidate.

Board member Sue Knight chafed under the restrictions.

"I'm disappointed we did not get the resumés earlier," she said. "We didn't have any input on these questions."

Knight said she'd heard there were seven candidates who were qualified and wondered why the board only got to hear from two.

Peters said he knew he would have to hit the ground running if selected.

"I know the deadline for Candy Dance booth applications is March 15," he said. "People in the region want Candy Dance to be a success. It is a significant source for the town's revenue."

Peters graduated from Garden Grove High School and received bachelors and masters degrees from California State.

He worked for the Anaheim Union High School District from 1969 until August 2005, when he retired to Genoa.

He also worked for 10 years part-time in security administration for Walt Disney Corp.

Current Town Manager Mike Brown, who resigned just after New Year's but agreed to stay after the New Year's floods, said he is scheduled to leave March 3.

Brown took the job in June, but said he hadn't anticipated having to manage Candy Dance in addition to running the town.


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