Genoa may expand its boundaries

Genoans will discuss the possibility of expanding the historic town's boundaries at the regular meeting of the Genoa Town Board 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The areas being considered include those inside the Genoa Historic District but not in the town proper, lots at the base of the Sierra on the west side of town, Centennial Drive, the new Eagle Ridge development west of Jacks Valley Road and parcels east of Jacks Valley Road, including the former Sierra Creek Ranch and the Gilmore Coons property east of the Carson River.

Not under discussion for inclusion is Genoa Lakes, which is in Douglas County's redevelopment district, according to Town Manager Tom Peters.

Town Board member Sue Knight asked that the expansion be placed on the agenda.

Peters said he has met with planning commission Chairwoman Nancy McDermid and County Manager Dan Holler and the conclusion was that Genoa needs a plan for prosperity like Minden.

"We have a lot of road work ahead and a lot of identifying the people involved to see if they would value being part of Genoa," he said.

However, Peters said he heard from one longtime resident that expanding the town's boundaries would affect the historic nature of the town.

Expansion of the town's boundaries would be one answer to its reliance on a single event, the Candy Dance, for the majority of its budget.

But expansion would also make parcels outside the town subject to the town's tax rate.

Tuesday's meeting will take place in the Genoa Town Hall.


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