Good time for adopting at animal shelter

Tired sets of eyes stared through the bars after a day of being examined by about 160 people.

Two dogs and a cat went straight to new homes during the Super Dog Saturday event at Douglas County Animal Shelter, while two more waited to meet dogs already belonging to owners, who were considering a second dog.

"Two people are coming back with their dogs to see if they'll get along," said Douglas Animal Welfare Group president and founder Cherie Owen.

Owen was ecstatic Saturday afternoon because one of the dogs adopted was a pit bull.

"Ninety percent of people wouldn't even consider a pit bull, so they just sit," said Owen.

"Sheba was able to leave right away," she said fondly of the pit bull. "She got to go home with her new folks in Carson City. The whole investment time-wise today was worth it because we adopted out a pit bull."

Xena, a bull mastiff, quivered in her bed in the low, dark cages that will eventually be replaced, according to Owen. The cages don't enhance the adopting potential of the canines, she said.

Xena had to stay a while longer to be spayed before she went to her new home.

"She's had quite a day," said Owen of Xena. "Four different families looked at her until she got adopted out."

This was the fourth year the shelter hosted a Super Dog Saturday.

"This is one of several events we plan throughout the year to just move dogs out of here," said Owen, adding that the day included free spays and neuters as well as free chili and appetizers the dozen volunteers provided. "We do everything we can do to get people in here."

One obstacle the shelter faces is home renters who want to adopt an animal. In that case, the shelter needs to see a copy of the renter's agreement stating that pets are allowed.

Dogs at the shelter are held five days and on the sixth day they go up for adoption. Owen said she can't believe that owners don't pick up some of the "sweet" dogs that make their way into the shelter. The volunteers give each one a name, such as B.J. the rottweiler cross and Pablo Picasso the dalmation-pit bull mix.

"Our main focus is to move the long-term animals. We've had some of them a year," said Owen.

The Douglas County Animal Shelter can be reached by calling 782-9061.

n Jo Rafferty can be reached at or 782-5121, ext. 210.


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