$25 vouchers available to spay, neuter pit bulls

As a breed, pit bulls don't catch many breaks.

They get bad press for dog fighting, and being aggressive, when they're actually very affectionate and people-oriented, according to Douglas County Animal Shelter staff who befriend the pit bulls that end up at the shelter.

Thanks to a $3,000 grant, the shelter is offering $25 vouchers for low-cost pit bull spay and neutering.

Applicants must be Douglas County residents and have a pit bull or mix that is six months or older and predominantly pit bull.

A female cannot be in heat.

Applicants must bring the dog so personnel can determine that it's more pit bull than, say, poodle.

Using the vouchers can save dog owners up to $100 for the procedure. They can be redeemed at Animal Medical Services and Quail Ridge Animal Hospital.

The program began June 1, but Animal Care and Services Supervisor Janet Duzan said only eight people have taken advantage of the vouchers.

And she believes there are a lot of pit bulls in the community that would qualify.

Duzan said pit bull owners who haven't licensed their dogs may qualify for the vouchers.

"We don't want to turn people away," she said. "We can help them get licensed, if they want."

The money for the program came from Maddie's Fund, a national organization that provides funds for smaller shelters and rescue groups.

The vouchers will be offered until the money runs out.


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