A few modest proposals

We've been told that one of the reasons the intersection of Highway 88 and County Road does not qualify for a traffic signal is because most of the time it just isn't that busy.

While there are a high number of accidents at the location during peak commuter and school hours, when school is in and no one's trying to get somewhere, the intersection is admittedly pretty empty.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, we would like to suggest some uses for the roundabout during those times when traffic is light.

We're spending a lot of money on a track at the high school, so that is the first suggestion.

We could fill it full of water and have an ice skating rink during the winter (which is probably what's going to happen to it anyway).

We could set up a generator in the middle and attach horses to it and create electricity.

During the summer it would be a great place for walkers to enjoy the off time.

We could set it up as a UFO landing site with lights and hire a brass band for those first contacts.

Maybe we could use it as a giant roulette wheel, which could be used to settle future legal disputes.

Or perhaps we could leave the intersection alone until it qualifies for a traffic light. That seems like the best plan.


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