Roundabout bad plan for Minden

Over the next few months the Nevada Department of Transportation will host meetings with the public to discuss the construction of a roundabout at Highway 88 and County Road in Minden.

State officials will be there to hear comments from residents and say that if there is adamant opposition on the part of the county and towns, they will not go forward.

The state's engineers say a roundabout will slow traffic entering town from a major thoroughfare. They resist a stoplight, saying putting up a traffic signal without meeting the traffic warrants opens the state to lawsuits from rear-ended motorists.

For those who oppose the roundabout, the state says "Try it, you'll like it."

State officials point out that a roundabout is less expensive than a traffic light in the long run, because there is less maintenance.

Minden and other Valley residents have been pretty clear that they would rather see a traffic light at the intersection than a roundabout.

Highway 88 is the main commuter route from the Valley's largest community to points north. If it is not busy enough for a traffic light now, it will be some day.

And in the meantime, the state will have paid for an expensive roundabout at a location where they will one day have to admit defeat and place a traffic light.

If the intersection does not meet the traffic warrants for a light, then leave it alone.


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