Man held in third DUI

Omar Alfonso-Salgado, 38, of Carson City was jailed on $11,219 after his arrest Jan. 30 on suspicion of driving under the influence with two priors.

He was arrested at Highway 395 and Eighth Street in Minden after someone called the sheriff's office at 8:45 a.m. to report seeing a vehicle headed southbound with three occupants who looked like they were drinking.

Deputies found a 24-ounce can of beer in the vehicle.

Alfonso-Salgado's preliminary blood-alcohol content was .132. The legal limit for driving in Nevada is .08.

A search of Alfonso-Salgado's driving record indicated two prior convictions for driving under the influence in 2001 and 2005.

n A California man who got his truck stuck on a dirt road near China Spring Youth Camp was ordered to spend 10 more days in Douglas County Jail.

Eldon Thompson of Sonora, Calif., told Judge Jim EnEarl he had been on "a downhill swing" prior to his arrest Jan. 9 after eluding deputies.

He has been in Douglas County Jail on $5,219 bail.

Thompson, 47, was charged with driving under the influence with one prior, resisting a public officer, eluding a police officer and driving with a suspended driver's license.

In a period of a few months, Thompson said his best friend and roommate killed himself, his mother died, he got arrested for drunk driving, he lost his job, his house burned down killing his dog and his heart medicine was destroyed.

"After you served 10 more days in jail, you will owe no more money," EnEarl said.

Thompson said he was relocating to San Diego for a job and housing with a family member.

n Deputies investigated a report of an accidental discharge of a firearm Jan. 31 in a restroom at Carson Valley Christian Center.

According to the sheriff's report, a gun fell from the waistband of a man using a restroom stall.

The gun hit the floor and discharged, striking the 25-year-old victim who was standing at the sink in the forearm with a bullet fragment.

The victim suffered a small cut.

The fragment was removed by a church member and the victim's arm bandaged.

He refused further medical treatment.

The gun owner had a concealed weapons permit and no charges were filed.


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