Standoff suspect back in jail on trespassing charge

A California man charged with felony drunk driving and resisting arrest after a one-hour standoff was back in custody after he was arrested for allegedly trespassing Sunday at a neighborhood garage sale.

East Fork Justice James EnEarl set bail at $25,000 cash for John Theodore Hansen and ordered him to appear in court Wednesday.

He told EnEarl he could hire his own attorney.

Hansen, of Clearlake, Calif., was arrested Thursday after deputies pulled him out of his van following an hour-long standoff that shut down Highway 395 at Sharkey's.

He was charged with felony drunk driving and resisting a public officer and bailed out of jail.

On Sunday, deputies were called to a residence on Mackland Avenue after a homeowner complained a man was at her garage sale asking for beer and refused to leave.

He left the residence after a deputy told him he was not welcome, but returned a few hours later, and the woman again called deputies and asked to have him arrested for trespassing.

Hansen reportedly came back a third time and was arrested.

"The state is alleging you posted bond, got drunk, went to somebody's house and refused to leave," EnEarl said.

Hansen denied the allegation.

"I was drinking coffee all day," Hansen told EnEarl. "I can't drink or drive, and I wasn't drinking. I was walking, just casually enjoying the community and the sights."

A criminal check revealed that Hansen had three prior convictions for driving under the influence in Washington dating from 2005.


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