Sidecar racing

When he was very young, Warren Ryan had a re-occurring dream.

He remembered, "I used to dream about Bonneville. Back in 1948 I liked to ride my bicycle all around Burbank and when I'd see the "Speed Week" promotion pictures in the store windows - I was hooked."

Little did he know that someday he would hold the world's sidecar passenger speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Twenty-six years ago he met up with motorcycle racer Bob Bakker and Bob made that dream come true. Bakker built a really fast motorcycle sidecar with a 1,000 cc Kawasaki motor. He drove it at Bonneville, with Ryan alongside him. Back in 1988 they clocked their two-way average at 152 mph, a record that still holds today.

On Aug. 11, there was a "Super Cycle" weekend of racing at the Reno-Fernley Raceway. My husband and I spent the weekend there with Ryan and Bakker and it was great. Norbert has a long history in racing sidecars and he even earned the No. 1 plate in Southern California for sidehack racing, so you can see why he was so enthusiastic about this race. Bakker was the race director for the Super Side America Championship series. It was very exciting to watch two people on one three-wheeled motorcycle as it sped around the track at 160 mph with 180 horsepower. Oh, how those motorcycles roared.

The "monkey" (passenger) has to move his (or her) weight to compensate for each turn. The two racers must trust each other and work in unison, with a dash of sheer nerve. Ryan and Bakker have been racing sidecars together for 26 years and you can bet they've become very good, trust worthy friends. What's hard to believe is that I was Norbert's "monkey" before he turned pro.

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