Group seeks input on rural Nevada's future

A Nevada development agency is in the process of formulating a strategy to increase vitality while preserving the quality of life in seven rural Nevada counties.

A representative from economic development consulting firm AngelouEconomics was at the Douglas County Court House on Thursday.

AngelouEconomices has been selected to provide an assessment of the region, identify target industries and give recommendations on how to attract and market investments.

The Northern Nevada Development Authority scheduled meetings to allow residents of Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Pershing and Storey counties to express opinions on how the goal of revitalization may be achieved.

A grant from the Nevada Commission on Economic Development allowed for the funding of NorthernNVision, a regional economic development strategy initiative.

AngelouEconomics Project Manager Katie Bullard collected data from six residents who wanted to give input for the initiative. They answered questions in the survey about the unique aspects of Douglas County, its weaknesses and strengths, greatest opportunities and threats.

In response to a question of what she would like to see changed about Douglas County, a suggestion was made by Mimi Moss from Douglas County Community Development that downtown areas need to be revitalized to strengthen the local economy.

"We need a more vibrant downtown," said Moss. "Mixed use is needed."

Bob McCann from Leadership Transition Coaching said there's a need to make the airport soaring-friendly.

"The airport layout creates a conflict," said McCann. "Soaring needs to co-exist and grow with the general aviation community."

In response to what residents would like see in Douglas over the next 5-10 years, McCann said people who move here are fearful that change will ruin Douglas.

"They don't want to lose rural setting but still want urban services," McCann said.

Margaret Pross of the Douglas County Planning Commission said, "We need to preserve what we have but also have to move forward."

According to Skip Sayre, Executive Director of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Authority, growth is a huge issue in the county.

"Increasing the limits at the airport and the Sustainable Growth Initiative are concerns," said Sayre. "But we haven't found a way to communicate the vision of the Valley."

Pross said the vision for the county in 15 years would be to "sustain the rural character and downtown pedestrian-friendly community spirit."

"We have the best of both worlds here," she said.

A representative from AngelouEconomics returns in mid-June to report findings of the focus groups.

There is still time to give opinion and comments on an online survey at For more information, about Northernnvision, go to


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